Our Services

The Hermes Hospitality approach begins with an in depth situation analysis of your property or portfolio to identify the current state.

Our work for you is conducted in three phases:


Complimentary One-Hour Call

A complimentary one-hour call is the first step for each of us to determine if we are a match.

We will ask you a series of questions including:

  • What are your needs?
  • What are your desired results?
  • Why are you seeking outside support?
  • What are the long term goals for the asset/assets?

Work begins & a visit follows

We will request appropriate documents from you for an evaluation of your existing performance after our initial call.

  • Following the document review we will schedule a series of remote “Zoom” style calls with your designated representative and team members as appropriate to begin understanding “the whys” of your situation as uncovered in our document review.
  • Seeking your feedback we will ask you to complete and we will facilitate a SWOT(Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) discussion as part of this phase.

The Visit

  • We will visit the property to more fully understand the asset, it’s performance challenges/opportunities, and the competitive environment.
  • The agenda for the visit will be customized to your greater needs as determined via our calls.

The Recommendations

The final part of our process is to share our findings and recommendations.

  • A complete visit report and initial blueprint for success will be created and shared within 2 weeks of the visit including assigned responsibilities for execution.
  • Follow up calls and potential visits can be a valuable reinforcement to ensure execution of the plan.